About us

How it all began?

The winery started in 2016 and at the moment we take care of two hectares of land, where we grow mostly blue varieties. We process the grapes in the most gentle ways without technological intervention.

Using natural preparations and no chemical ones in the vineyard nor in the cellar is important for us. Therefore, we use sprays from herb maceration - nettles and horsetails and biodynamic preparations.

Natural wines

We take care of the vineyard with the help of natural and biodynamic preparations. We do not give anything to nature that we do not give ourselves. 
All grapes are hand picked and all steps of the process are made by hands. We don't make filtration at all. Because of we mainly do red wines, only oak barrels of different ages are used. We've started with french barrels but we like to work with local czech wood so we little by little buy czech ones.  All of our wines are minimum 12 months in barrel and then usually 6 months in bottles. 
In our vineyards there are "typical" varieties for Velkopavlovicko - cabernet moravia, cabernet sauvignon, saint laurent, pinot noir and frankovka (blaufränkish). 

Who are The Bystřický winery?

Behind this name are two enthusiasts of red wines, nature and delicious food - Vojta and Anna. Vojta is a winemaker and Anna is his support in sales and of course in vineyards. Our lifestyle is in our product. Healthy local food, care for the environment and our own body and care for nature is important to us. That is why even the wines we make with love and in organic way.