Our wine

We do not have an e-shop, but you can order wines from us via e-mail anicka@vinarstvibystricky.cz. If you are from around Prague, contact VELTLIN. They have wines by the glass and for sale. Our wines have organic certification since 2023.

Vintage 2020

The wines of the 2020 vintage are characterized by higher acidity, but at the same time full of concentrated flavors and varietal aromas. All the wines of this vintage were aged in French oak barrels of various ages for 20 months. All wines are red and dry. ♥ We do not list the residual sugar, because it is always between 0 - 1 g. 

Zweigel 2020 was also bottled in one batch in magnum bottles, purely for the gastro scene (Čestr in Prague).

Zweigeltrebe 2020

Saint Laurent 2020

Blaufränkish 2020

Cuvee Kopce 2020 (the vineyard name is Kopce)

Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Vintage 2019 - sold out

With the 2019 vintage, which went on sale in 2021, we changed the look of the labels. Kuba from Artbureau created the new labels and style for us. Beautiful, clean and modern labels underline the elegance of our wines. The two semicircular cutouts symbolize the work of the two of us - Anička is on top, her work is more colorful. She takes care of marketing, communication with people and sales. Vojta, as the foundation of the winery, stands down on the ground and works with the vintage. It is either good or bad (black and white), but the winemaker must be able to fight with it.

There wasn't much wine in this vintage. Due to the gradual effort to "teach" the vineyards to be organic, in 2019 we harvested only half the amount than in 2018.

Zweigeltrebe 2019

Saint Laurent 2019

Blaufränkish 2019

Cuvee Kopce 2019 (the vineyard name is Kopce)